Data indicate worldwide extreme poverty HALVED in the last two decades

Data tell us worldwide extreme poverty halved in the last two decades

There’s a vaccine for corruption, it’s called transparency. Open data sets. Day-light, you could call it. And technology is really turbo-charging this. It’s getting harder to hide if you’re doing bad stuff.

– Bono said this at a recent TED. I 101% agree. He’s spot-on. Policy + technology is fueling it, lives are improving.

Specifically, “extreme” poverty of $1.25/day has halved from 1990 – 2010. WOW. The battle is far from over and far from sure, but at this pace and other things equal extreme poverty (inflation adjusted) is gone by 2028.

In my professional life I look at trends every day and understand them well. This is a clearly a solid trend and something worth understanding, and technology plays a leading role. Most of my intent in writing on this site is to describe that intersection of technology and helping humanity.

10 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, “The Lions”, have exemplified this trend and demonstrated positive proof of concept by the following:

100% debt cancellation, 3X aid, 10X foreign direct investment, unlocking 4X local resources …spent wisely (good local governance – meaning mitigated corruption) = cut childhood mortality by 1/3, 2X education completion rates…. and they’re on track for 2028.

Oof, that’s a lot of work and resources, is it worth it? Just ask a mother who loves her children as much as you love yours or as much as you love whoever you love most, look into their eyes and yes, we all know it’s worth it. Here’s to not giving up on good policy, and technology in humanitarianism.

worth it


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