Guess what Apple’s $137b, + new job listings for Siri, equals?

Yep this math is easy. Apple has BIG ambitions for Siri – & they should! “We spend so much time with our cellphones that having an effective personal assistant could be revolutionary,” said Andrew Ng, director of Stanford University’s AI Lab.

It’s fun to speculate about how a business will spend $137b, though ultimately it is indeed speculation. But job postings for Siri developers (as noted today by Wired) give a nice heads up about where some of that cash hoard could go.

It makes sense. Apple’s competitor Google seems to be shifting strategy toward some sort of Chrome/mobile combination, to prepare for hybrid, mobile PCs. Ever get frustrated at fumbling to type or navigate on a small phone?

Think of it – a personal omnipresent (artificial intelligence) intelligent assistant – convenient AND smart. It’s not a matter of if but when. It will be a big, big market, one that Apple has early-adopted… and has the resources to split wide open, with plenty to spare for the rest of their business.

Imagine the potential for learning and getting things done, to create and to create change. And imagine that potential when smart phones get into the hands of souls in the 3rd world…

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