The plans to get the entire planet online

We’ve all lost internet or cell connectivity and been aggravated about it. Perhaps you, like I, have dreamed about how cool it’d be to never need worry about where you go, that you’d always be online. Some of the tech titans actually have pretty lofty ideas to address this.

Mark Zuckerberg recently shared a white paper about plans to create a low-cost worldwide internet. Yes, for real. Know what this would mean for the majority of the world if it happened? The majority that, incidentally, misses out on major advantages and blessings of connectivity. In your mind draw a line between developing and under-developed countries where the separation means a significant difference of medical information, agricultural information, education, connectivity, data, transparency for government… the list goes on. When I think of what this could do to open access to education alone I get giddy.

It’s breathtaking how much more transformational global wifi would be for those in developing countries vis-a-vis people in first world countries. Tech humanitarianism at its best.

Clearly companies are incentivized for this. Google would have billions more for ad revenues and is another example of a company proposing something similar, but on a regional level – Google wants to high-fly blimps and satellites to beam down wifi for Africa.

There will be no stopping one or another of these types of plans from happening and pressure for it will build. I don’t expect we’ll wait forever, and the sooner the better.


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